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Aug 2, 2009 7:00am EDT
just like they don't want to go against rush limbaugh. on one hand they are saying the democrats are making an issue of it, on the other hand, you have a legitimate birther people who, i think are crazy, but not one single republican member willing to say, you know what? this is ridiculous and we need to move on. you can't really have it both ways. >> john boehner said as much two days ago, but the near fact that karen thinks we should be talking about this -- >> i don't think we should be talking about it. you are more concerned about getting licks against the president rather than solving problems. chris wanted to talk about it. >> just a minute, todd. why do you think roy blunt is out there pushing this issue? we can show it again if you would like, but he wants to see the president's birth certificate. he was up there on the platform during inaugural day. why didn't he come down to ask the guy about to be sworn in to see his birth certificate. why is he doing this now? >> i have no answer. the national review, which is hardly a left wing publication, just wrote an entire editoria
Aug 2, 2009 11:00am EDT
their ideas do not have to be engaged. one of the most interesting things. rush limbaugh has decided, and i've seen it elsewhere, as well. his listeners are actually better informed according to pure research than average mainstream liberals. and by the way, something else liberals don't know, is that conservatives are more giving in their -- more charitable. there was the guy from syracuse who did a book about it which, in fact, got no attention from the mainstream press because it ran counter to the liberal narrative. >>host: something else curious. there are older than the average audience of liberals. people who are older have a better background in popular culture. they know old books. they read. they came of a culture that did not have as much, a barrage of television. >>guest: that is absolutely true. you are talking about young people by and large. they came of age in a highly politicized educational system. something else we deal with in the book. as one woman said, to despair about the education raunch of and marketing. it does from the exploitation of the indians to slaver
Aug 2, 2009 10:00am EDT
been pressed by the likes of rush limbaugh and cnn's lou dobbs. and that controversy led dobbs to take a very personal swipe at msnbc's rachel maddow. so is some of the cable commentary getting out of line? should there be a line you can't cross without getting fired? and why are we still discussing this skip gates arrest? joining me now, amanda moore, and michelle cottle, senior editor of the new republic. is calling the president a racist simply out of bounds? >> yes. >> and yet, there doesn't seem to be any great uproar about it. >> i don't know. that's the part that surprises me a little. but there's a lot -- i guess it would be funny if it weren't so, and here's a word we've heard a lot of lately, stupid. here is a man who has a white mother. here's a man who was raised by two white grandparents, who obviously adored him and who he adores. here's a man at so-called white culture than glenn beck is, and yet we have to hear this kind of commentary. it's quite remarkable. the only thing i would say about this, there's a long history of people towards african-americans. i was rem
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3